«One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words to a consumer.»
(Dr. James McQuivey – Forrester Research)

Our brain processes information in moving images 60,000 times faster than text. This is why your customers will mostly prefer videos. According to Twitter, a post is six times more likely to be re-tweeted with video than with a photo. Accordingly, 50% of web users watch a video before going to stores and 79% would rather watch a video about a product rather than reading a text about it.


We are your partner for visual communication. Our video specialists create a video strategy that will spice up your company´s communication and social media campaigns. When producing the videos, our experts accompany you in the entire production process. It begins with consultations and the elaboration of the core messages as well as concept creation and storyboard. Whether it is a single production for media relations or development of visual communication strategy - we can provide you with useful and ready to implement solutions.


On the set and in post-production, we have a set of video producers and journalists that have lots of experience and technical know-how in dubbing, editing, music and colorgrading.

We produce the following video formats:

Brand Journalism and features

We deliver finished clips in the form of journalistic news report style right after the event

Silent Videos

For social media with text insertion - you can request according to the identity of your corporate specifications

Event Videos

For capturing the emotions and ambience at your event


For the explanation of your offers and products

Image Videos

For high-quality videos that show your company at its best


For lively interviews and statements of your executives - with or without teleprompter

Drone videos

For fascinating shots from a bird's eye view

360° videos

For an all-round view - instead of being just in the middle


We have a nationwide network of freelance video producers. Therefore, we guarantee nationwide video productions in German, French and English in various formats. Furthermore, we have an international network of partner agencies who are ready at any given time.


We will distribute your video contributions to all national and international media through our partner agencies. Your videos will be directly edited after a shoot and will be transported to the newsrooms within a short period of time.


In our video workshops, our well experienced video specialists will show you how to successfully prepare and use PR videos. You will also receive numerous tips and background information about important key points in the production and distribution of editorially prepared PR videos.


The presence of being in front of the camera should and must be learned. Through personal coaching, our skilled video and brand journalism specialists help you with your presence in front of the camera in order to look professional. You will also learn how to deliver your message seamlessly and discover the importance of tools like the teleprompter.