Public Relations

«If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.»
(Bill Gates)

Professional media work needs strategies, tools and skills.  We ensure that your company gains credibility and reputation within the target group through comprehensive consulting and our wide experience of implementations.

In the field of public relations, we support nationally and internationally operating companies with comprehensive PR services by creating concepts, implementing PR measures and maintaining connections with journalists. We also write media-relevant texts and organize unforgettable media events.  

Consulting and project coordination

We are happy to give you advice on all aspects of public relations and we help you to develop tailor-fit PR concepts with appropriate action plans.

Media Relationship Management

There is nothing like a good network. That is why we create a media distribution list that is relevant to you. We invest time maintaining connections with journalists to ensure placement of your product or story in the target media.


Writing of media-relevant texts, blog contents and social media posts is done with our proven expertise.  And for your digital PR work, we pay attention to SEO-optimized language. That way, your messages can be easily accessed by search engines.

Dispatch of media releases

We distribute your media releases to selected media representatives. We create individual distribution lists that are tailored to your needs and target groups whether for daily media, general media or trade journals.

Planning of editorial tours

We organize customized editorial tours for you in order to personally present selected products or key styles to journalists.


There are many things to be considered in order to have a successful media event. This consists of the following: the right location, the right guests, the technical equipment, a coherent decoration and more. With our expertise, we can help you by taking care of the organization through implementation and support of the journalists on site. We are happy to support you already in your concept development stage by bringing in our ideas for this creation phase.

Media trips

We organize and plan individual media trips on site for our tourism clients. In this way, the responsible journalists can have the full picture of your site destination.

Controlling und Monitoring

Through specific monitoring of the media landscape, you will regularly receive up-to-date clippings via Landau Media. We track your search terms in order to ensure that you will not miss any social media posts.

Reporting and analysis

We create regular evaluations so that you can measure the success of our work. We can measure, evaluate and adjust using KPIs such as number of clippings, circulation, readership or equivalent value.