We are communication professionals with passion. We stem from the Keystone-SDA subsidiary PPR Media Relations. We are independent, dynamic and flexible. We are Karin, Sebastian, Natalie, Nicole, Katrin and Marcella. WeArePepper.

Karin is cool as a cucumber and can do just about anything - except numbers and dates. As tribal elder, she keeps the wild crowd happy. #agencymom. Work-life balance was laid in Karin's cradle. Her customers like her straightforward and open manner, her employees her uncomplicated and open nature. If the coffee machine is in a different place again, everyone knows who did it. Karin doesn't like routine and patterns. Breaking them up and trying out new things is probably the secret of why she still enjoys her work so much, even after so many years.

Karin Lehmann

Karin Lehmann
Co-Owner & PR-Expert
+41 76 559 06 96

Sebastian is a true multi-talent - as a managing director with a background in business administration, he reliably takes care of numbers and strategy, as a passionate photographer, he is the expert for visual communication, and as a handyman-by-mistake, he is skilled with hammer and nail. At first glance, he could be from Zurich, but as soon as he speaks, he can no longer hide the fact that he comes from the deepest eastern part of Switzerland. So it is also clear why he pronounces every word with an o at the end. Also in his free time Sebi is an all-rounder: ukulele, guitar, tennis, bike, documentary and series junkie, cryptocurrencies... #howmanyhobbiescanonehave

Sebastian Schneider

Sebastian Schneider
Co-Owner & Managing Director
+41 78 827 01 37

Natalie has the ability to learn everything about you in a very short time without you even noticing. That's probably why she's so popular with our clients as a senior consultant - because work isn't just work, but also people and relationships behind it #relationspro. But beware: Natalie can also let her Southern German roots do the talking and negotiate tough as nails. In 2021, Natalie took on her biggest and most beautiful project to date - it's small, cute and makes her lose sleep over and over again.

Natalie Zipsin

Natalie Zipsin
Senior PR Consultant
+41 76 289 26 64

Nicole has many talents - one of which is staging coffee stains on her sweaters so that they don't stand out. As a digital native, she moves skillfully between Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn. #socialmediaqueen. With paper and pen, on the other hand, she is fairly overwhelmed. The experiences from her former life in the travel industry paired with her current marketing studies make her the unbeatable secret weapon of the agency. Nicole is three O's: open, organized and oozing enthusiasm.

Nicole Frommenwiler

Nicole Frommenwiler
Junior PR Consultant
+41 76 262 83 77

If we were an auto garage, Katrin would serve as our chief mechanic. She lives by the motto #doesntworkdoesntexist and embraces every creative challenge without hesitation. Despite her youth, her toolkit already boasts a variety of tools and experience in marketing and communication, rendering her a true versatile professional. Moreover, her open and inquisitive nature comes to the rescue whenever things don't go as planned. When Katrin isn't here, you might find her affectionately patting a passing dog or mending something she accidentally broke. As a member of Gen Z, Katrin has grown up immersed in social media, keeping her well-versed in the latest trends, hypes and flops—excluding Facebook, which she still deems herself too young for.

Katrin Weber

Katrin Weber
PR Assistant & Social Media
+41 79 933 94 53

Marcella is the coolest team supporter any agency could envision. With an insatiable curiosity, boundless enthusiasm, and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, she effortlessly delves into every facet - a true jack-of-all-trades, as demanded by her role. A fervent sports aficionado and a certified yoga enthusiast, she introduces an air of mindfulness and a pervasive sense of well-being into the otherwise conventional office ambiance. The #vibesmatter mantra becomes tangible. Marcella seamlessly blends her Italian temperament with an air of composed empathy, resulting in an invaluable asset to the Peppers. And let's not forget to mention her loyal furry companion, Merlot - an absolute Cutie Pie.

Marcella Franzé

Marcella Franzé
Team Support
+41 76 305 55 90



Foundation of WeArePepper GmbH. Keystone-SDA separates from the PR business for strategic reasons. In the context of a management buy-out, Sebastian Schneider and Karin Lehmann take over the business.


Merge of Keystone-SDA and the PR agency, PPR Media Relations AG. PPR will continue to operate within Keystone-SDA as the PR and Distribution department.


Photopress AG became PPR Media Relations AG.