Photo Production – GIFs – Visual Concept

Euresearch is a non-profit organization funded by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI. It promotes and facilitates the participation of researchers, organizations and companies in Switzerland in European projects and programs related to research and innovation. To make their work visible, Euresearch regularly publishes success stories that provide insight to Switzerland's membership in the EU Framework Program. For many years, we have been visually capturing these success stories and portraying the people behind the projects. In addition to classic photography, we also generate graphics interchange format – better known as GIFs.

A green backdrop to unify the stories
Euresearch portrays people that work in a wide variety of environments. In order to get a coherent look of the portrays, we created a new visual concept together with our freelance photographer Dominik Baur. Since 2021, we have used a green backdrop to create a consistent visual framework and reference point for the success stories. By using GIFs that show the flashlight of the camera, the teaser images on the website stands out even more.

Idea and Concept: WeArePepper and Dominik Baur

Production: Dominik Baur