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Disney Wild Festival
To draw attention to the Lion King and Jungle Festival at Disneyland Paris, we organized a PR stunt for our client at Zurich Central Station and in Lausanne on the Place de l'Europe.

Diving into Disneyland
In the middle of Zurich train station and in Place de L'Europe in Lausanne, the floor opened up "in an artistic way" and invited you to take a ride on a roller coaster to Disneyland Paris. Two well-known Swiss artists painted a 3D painting on the floor, which apparently let you dive into the popular theme and amusement park. Through this optical illusion, passers-by placed themselves on the car, made amusing poses and took amazingly real-looking pictures of themselves.

Influencer and media relations
Thanks to our broad network, we were able to motivate numerous media contacts to come by, visit and report on the extraordinary painting in the media. Influencer Sara Leutenegger also wanted to see the artwork firsthand and did not want to miss the opportunity to report on the event to her community. Thus, the stunt could also be combined with digital PR activities.