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In 2018, the Julius Baer E-Prix took place in Zurich - the first race with electric racing cars in Switzerland. Our client Allianz was proud to be the official partner of the FIA Formula E Championship and honored to delight the participants as well as spectators with the entertaining Allianz E-Village off the racetrack.

At top speed to 1st place
We were also especially proud because we were able to support Allianz in its commitment. Over the course of two days, our photographers were there in front row, capturing those unique moments on and off the racetrack for the newspapers. In addition to action-packed pictures of the race, impressive shots of the Allianz E-Village, the training sessions and pit lanes were taken and made available to the press as downloads from our database.

The early bird snaps the best pictures
Since the motorsport event attracted a great deal of interest among the population even before it began, the event was already present in the media weeks beforehand and the demand for impressive pictures was exceptionally high. Our photographers therefore, had to be among the first on site to capture the best moments – carefully ensuring that the Allianz logo was visible in the pictures. Early in the morning, the discreetly branded photos thus found their way into the live ticker of the editorial offices and were ultimately featured in numerous reports on the said event.