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Special Olympics Switzerland helps people with intellectual disabilities to develop their performance through sport. We have been their trusted photo agency since 2011 – until 2020 as PPR Media Relations and since fall 2020 as WeArePepper. The events are always a big highlight for us as they are emotional and touch our hearts. We are therefore very proud to support a client like Special Olympics that stands for diversity and inclusion.

At the forefront
As "Preferred Partner", we are passionately involved in the events of Special Olympics and capture the emotional moments of athletic performance with our cameras. For example, we accompany the National Winter and Summer Games in Switzerland or the World Winter and Summer Games in various cities around the world. The opportunity to photograph the meetings of the delegations before the games gives another dimension to the portfolio. Finally, we distribute the images through our partner agency Keystone-SDA and share them on the WeArePepper database.

A picture is worth a thousand words
The competitions of Special Olympics Switzerland are defined by strong emotions, athletic success stories and the unshakeable fighting spirit of the athletes. This is also reflected in our expressive pictures which say more than a thousand words – but see for yourself in our picture gallery.